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>>tiptoes in, turns on light, wipes dust of table<<

Table?  Eh, why not.

Hello!  >>waves<< 

I've missed you all and this is most definitely not a good way to start posting since um, August 2011.  Huh. "Soon" can mean 9 months, yes?  Maybe?  High-fives for making it back in less than a year!

It's the little things.

I'm in the middle of finals right now (so much to talk about :)) but Castle's season finale is tonight.

And I need to talk about it.  And I know some spoilers (but haven't watched sneak peaks).  And I don't want to scare real-life peeps with my freaking out/flailing and that's why I'm sharing with all of you :D

So here we go.  With spoilers.  And stream-of-consciousness.  Fun, yes?

Whew.  Okay, the past few weeks have been a little heart-crushing with Castle.  For such a verbal guy, omg just say something to her!  be snarky and dismissive, something!  but hearing her actually say 'no, I don't feel the same' would actually crush him so, yeah, I get it.

I do get it, even though it's painful to watch. And Beckett!  You know what might have fixed some of this?  If you had said, in the beginning, when Castle was asking if you remembered anything, that you remembered flashes of things and it's always hard to put that in context when people think you're dying.

Ahem.  Come on, passive-aggessive peeps, this is what you do!  This was right in your wheelhouse and instead you moseyed on over to 'ignore and pretend it didn't happen' land.

That's working out so, so well for you isn't it?  Sigh.  Martha is the voice of reason in all of this (little too late there, Lanie). 

And yet, a part of me likes that Beckett's had to make moves.  Or moves-adjacent.  Telling him about seeing a therapist, about being ready to deal with everything that happened the day she was shot (does she know he knows? she's guessing hie knows...) and about the wall coming down and about wanting him there (and Castle even meets her more than halfway because that's who he is).

And then she says she'll see him "Tomorrow."

She says it.

And she says tomorrow.

There's a great gif combo going around on Tumblr about the significance.  All the way back in S1 -- 'Till tomorrow, Detective. / You can't just say 'night. / I'm a writer.  'Tomorrow' is more hopeful. / Yeah, well, I'm a cop.  Good night.

And then there's all these other instances of when he says "tomorrow" and she says "night" but the past few years have all been about trying to get him to be more serious (not the obnoxious jackass he was in S1) and for her to be less so; to see the world through each others' eyes.

And she resists, always.  He does, too, a bit, but his baggage isn't as debilitating.  (Actually, she usually resists then relents somewhat at the end. Believing in the psychic, fairy tales, etc.).

But she says it.  She's worried she's losing him (and because I can't have a post w/o a Sorkin quote: 'It's good to be trapped in a corner. That's when you act.' ... even though it doesn't really fit and makes me think of Richie which in turn shifts my mind to anger-inducing politics and--
(Nope, not yet.  Castle Monday is a happy day.  My state's fucktastic politics can keep.  I'm sure something worse will happen by the end of the week.


ANYWAY, so, Castle.  She's worried she's losing him which causes her to say all this (that, and season only had one episode left so things needed to happen).

(I'm addicted to British/Cable shows with short seasons.  20+ -episode seasons = silliness).

And he gets it.  And it's really kind of adorable.  And he's really too gone on Beckett to do anything else as long as there's hope and not soul-crushing disappointment ahead.

I just jinxed it, didn't I.

Damn it.

(Also, Alexis is going to Columbia.  WHO ELSE KNEW THAT SHE'D STAY IN THE CITY?  It's like Gilmore Girls; 'of course Rory's not going to get into Harvard and go to Yale instead' That was clear in the first season. That's how it works.

But Alexis had the opportunity to go to Oxford and she's not going.  Silliness).

I think I do better about predicting what's going to happen when I don' t know spoilers.  (Except for Mad Men.  I can predict somethings, and some come completely out of the blue.  One review I read was talking about Don opening up his own ad agency and I thought, I didn't see that coming at ALL -- unless said reviewer knew spoilers?  Mad Men can be confusing.  Yet good.  And odd, when Rory Gilmore shows up).


SO, Castle tonight -- HERE BE SPOILERS -- and they go back to her mother's case.  Because anything relationship-related must be her-mother's-case related...

ATTH sex.  :)  (sorry; XF habits die hard).  Promos show...significant things.  And based on interviews -- it's happening. (But we may not see the fallout until fall).

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It needs to happen, it does...is it that a certain show that shall not be named made me a wee bit cautious?  A wee bit wary?

But the show ratcheted up the tension so much that this is the only place it could go.

So I'm hoping--and assuming--that Beckett doesn't solve her mother's murder tonight.  That part of growing up is knowing that not everything resolves neatly and living with that -- really living with that -- and knowing it's okay if things are unresolved as you go forward with your life and forward to what you really want.  That life isn't necessarily linear.  That it's not giving up on her mom's case or failing her mom, or any of the other scenarios that Beckett's built up in her head, if she enters into a relationship that she really wants.

It's really Castle's fault anyway, isn't it.  He started it. (everything, but mainly looking into the murder)

Although Esposito did give Castle the file.  Because he and Ryan look out for Big Sis.

Castle and Beckett are supposed to have another 'cards on your table' moment, like they had last year.  Some people have objected to this term.

I like it, because these two are actually ridiculously good with their poker faces, when it comes to each other.  Last year, it was 'let's finally fight about what we haven't been fighting about all year' combined with a delightful mix of 'I'm scared that you're not going to live long enough to keep fighting with me.'

And that's okay that that's what it was, because they're both screwed up and that's as open as they've been.  They do better with yelling.

(Not for nothing, even though last year's finale crushed me--Captain Montgomery! (yeah, I kind of curled up on the floor after it was over), my favorite scene was Castle carrying Beckett out of the hanger and trying to keep her quiet and just holding her.  Holding each other.  Just really well done).

So more cards are out on the table tonight.  As they should be.  They're in a different place.  What's Castle got to lose? And Beckett's been in therapy, so she's getting better...

And so they should yell at each other.  Because they were keeping secrets.  Mostly to help the other but partly selfish. 

And yelling is good.  The past few weeks have been pretty shitty for them.

But it looks like Beckett's resistant (does she know that everyone talked to Castle about talking Becks down last year?  I mean, Montgomery called him to come, knowing he would be the only one she'd let carry her out) and Castle's, what, near tears?  And there has to be a break there for her to go after the guy, almost fall of a roof?  And then somehow get to Castle's apartment.

In the rain.

It has to be raining.  And lightening flashing.

But it's the break that's going to be crushing-- I'm nervous about the 'if you care about me at all, you won't do this' approach, especially if she's just learnign that a shadow man/org is pulling the strings....   so I just want them to thread the needle on that if they have to come back to Castle's door.  And Beckett looking like that.

Whew.  Okay, got that out.  Maybe this will be enough to keep from checking spoilers from people watching it right now.


(and I can't even get started on HIMYM.  Which is next Mon.)

Okay. Enough procrastinating!  Back to finals!

ETA: OMG screw studying.  I'm rewatching last week's episode and OMG I think Beckett brought Esposito coffee.  And she's all 'you didn't like my coffee?' But he likes lattes.  AWWWWWW.  aww.  that's so sweat and yet, really kind of sad. squishes!


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May. 8th, 2012 07:58 am (UTC)
Omg, dude, I was spoilerfree, so I avoided discussions, but now? FLAIL CITY.

And ha. My one concern w the ep was also the whole, if you love me, don't do this. Hmmmm....more thinky thoughts later.

Seriously, tho, all the precious.
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