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Jack Cannon, Boy Detective.  Heh.  

AMY IRVING AMY IRVING AMY IRVING!!!!!!!!   how do i talk to isabelle

aww, typewriter stuff makes me think of Stephen Cannell.  RIP, SJC.

"writing is your whole life" 


awww, so that's where he got the flowers from.  

penguin? beaver?  HA   HI WILSON!  Awww, wilson

all of the above.  

oh, wilson.  

find stuff they like to do besides each other. 

huh.  sounds like house kind of thinks all relationships are like wilson's relationships-- does that sound like cuddy, pretending to like something she didn't to make you feel better?  wilson will lie about monster trucks but it's about spending time together.  same with cuddy.  adn you, house.

back to work?  back to work?!!  

he's just stealing flowers from all over the place

hah, chase.  ILU.  don't go out with smokers though.  plenty of, ahem, non-smokers around.  JUST SAYING

oh taub and foreman.

whoah!  old house from the preview!  i like her dress--did she go home to change or is this what she was wearing under suit 

did he actually give her books??  or he knew what she would think and was trying to take her down anothe rpath

cuddy's first break-in (well second) but first w/ house!  

ahh, taub and suicidide.  yes! we all want to know your life story, Amy Irving.  Yes, we do think you're that stupid.  

TYPEWRITER.   I like Cuddy like this; same team, she has her strengths . . . 

"what the hell?" "close--house."

oh, boy.  poor cuddy.  no date.  (wilson as cockblocker)

i hate to hear shows are cancelled, but bonus: no lonestar ads

oh, chase.  heh.  like the positive attitude
nice throw.  

"peace penguin."  doing what? you  jldfkslsdkjaflsad  saw it in the sneak peeks, still love it

aww, hi cuddy.   oh boy.  oh -- still a problem, but not what I thought.   wear less perfume though, cuddy.  oh, amy irving, i want to like you.

heh.  finally using the magnifying glass

horrible influence.  love.  aww, wilson.  stretching, but still, sweet.  better if house had told her ahead of time, perhaps.  

oh, hallucinations with this team should work very well.  how...  see, not a good idea to go out with smokers.  which is gross; shower, chase
problems in the bedroom dept HAHAHAHA!  

he got a second chance after sleepign with your best friend?

oh, glee religion ep. hmm.  aww, kurt's dad.  not good.

again with the gloves.  and the tshirt.  and the arms.  ooh, chinese sounds good.  awww, don't get rid of the food!  should have known better, like eat in the doctor's lounge

oh, taub's irritated now  whoa

oh.  magnetic field.  ouch.  

EVERYBODY LIES   hahahahaha  oh, tiny taub.  he needs a new white coat

team confined in time - 72 hr hold, not just disease.  heh, taub

"dirty birdy"???!?!  heh,  needs actual hl accent

oh, amy irving and your unabashedly curly hair.  
can't handle the pain.  you either find reasons to go on or you don't.  

ahem, house?  EVERYBODY LIES.

third day.  thank goodness for dfferent tshirts.  heh. he is an excellent liar.  and psych hold's been extended

i don't like when writers are mean to their characters (looking at you, show)

xray room!  again!  yay  new jacket taub?

Aunt Helen? :D

oh, sam.  and she showed up.  heh, she knows the books!!!!!!!!  damn it.  plus she's a "team" whatever.
oh, wilson.  

she's dead -- presumed!!!!!    heh  are she and house actually bonding?

wow, cuddy's in red! cuddy's in red!  that's a good sign  double date.  don't like double dates? don't like surprises?  why are you feeling all at sea, house?

girlfriedn!!!!!!!!!  as your boss!!!!   as your grlfirnd!!  as your boyfriend!!  as your employee!!   <3

hmmm.  pick something i like.  what would that be?  you know what I like.  (which he does.  which you do house, when you're not fixated on what you shoud be doing)

GTFO local political ads

she ends the final on a cliff-hanger.  is this a harry potter reference that i do not get b/c i haven't read the final book(s)

treat the patient, not the book.  

hahahahahaha.  go karts?  did he actually call her mom? 

we all have a bad feeling about this, wilson

what IS her problem?  did not think "never again" would be in that context :D  heh, avenging wilson! 



YEAH, I SAW THAT COMING.  way too dangerous.

poor cuddy.  and did they hear the "attracted to psychos" comment?

"that's just the pain talking.".  and....epiphany?

oh, amy irving.  er, alice.

blue shirt day.

i'm meditating.  from where we're standing it looks like sleep.  interesting camera angle

peace penguin!! that she didn't return!!!!

"your boyfriend is an idiot."  I'm liking that thread (boyfriend/employee)  i like this scene for them

awww.  that's sad.  and a little scary -- someone so young w/ aneurysm?  odd


heh, he lied.  boss/girlfriend continues

he was lying about the books but wilson meddles.

see?  talking to each other.  talking to each other when you're scared helps.

they're adorable.  and uncommon. 

choose your own adventure!  see, house, developing your own personal canon is a good idea

awww, cuddy!  

That was--
Shut up!



am i going crazy -- that's not amber tamblyn, right?  


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Oct. 5th, 2010 08:03 am (UTC)
I lobed this ep! Solid POTW storyline and solid personal storyline :)

YAY for actually caring about the POTW this week, I cared last week and I cared even more this week, go show!

House and Cuddy continue to be made of epic win, words can't describe how amazing their "uncommon" relationship is. House giving her stolen flowers and penguins (and her keeping them) was awesome. The whole boss/girlfriend/employee/boyfriend stuff was so cute (and hearing them say the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" makes me feel funny). And the last scene with the "shut up" and Cuddy's 1000-watt smile, so adorable, how do they keep getting cuter?

Wilson is total fail at meddling/giving advice, and go karting lol. I loved the look on his face when House and Sam were bonding over the book, he was so confuzzled. Oh Wilson.

You're not crazy, that is definitely NOT Amber Tamblyn, idk why everyone thinks it is. Actually an article came out today that says she first appears in ep 6.
Oct. 5th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
This ep was amazing! I lobe how they're writing such strong patient AND personal storylines this year; it's as if the whole show was rejuvenated. And I'm loving the patients we've been getting so far this year, too!

House and Cuddy are being so amazing and adorable! I don't have the words, either. Her keeping the stolen items was awesome! That we're actually hearing "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" come out of their mouths is crazy and awesome and . . . I love them. how do they keep getting cuter? this! how is this possible! this is so much better than I imagined and they're just--gah. keysmashes pretty much describe my feelings right now :))

Wilson fails at so much; advice, go karting, having better chemistry with his girlfriend than House . . . . He was adorably confuzzled. And he means well, but, well, he's Wilson. *squishes WIlson*

Yay! I wasn't going crazy! Ep 6? Good; I've always liked her in other projects, this should be fun!
Oct. 6th, 2010 03:53 am (UTC)
can i first just say how i LOBE how much more you are on here of late? can i just say that. please. thanks ♥

honestly, half to like ninety percent of what cuddy wears to work is appropriate for a date or dominatrix-ing. just puttin' that out there.

i totally forgot about taub's suicide backstory!

of all the scenes with him and that tape, i think that one was my fave! and yeah, i know wilson is your only 'all your friend' but keep in mind that most of your jokes are ability his inability to be in a relationship. though if he is telling the OPPOSITE of what he'd do, then i'd listen.

yeah, that lonestar looked like shit. apparently other people were as excited to see it as we were. *crickets*


that office scene was all kinds of ADORE-RA-BLE! fuck me dead.

not a harry potter reference. i think jack cannon books were supposed to be more a twilight parallel - hp is more universal age wise. ALSO i LOVED how confused house looked that the guys (his team) weren't excited about the books :D

i love the boss/employee/girlfriend/boyfriend it just adds this layer of awareness - that takes responsibility for both roles in their lives and sort of tempers the two. plus it's just godawful cute!

they are adorable AND uncommon XD

you must be going spoiler free, the amber tamblyn thing has been known for months now.

Oct. 10th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
can i first just say how i LOBE how much more you are on here of late? can i just say that. please. thanks ♥ *hugs* except this week, apparently :D I'm trying, though! This is a nice place to salve college football angst, for example.

Heh. Totally true, especially when she's not pissed at House.

Wait--which scene? I'm confusing myself going back over my unorganized flailings. I'm starting to think Wilson's advice is actually what he doesn't do himself (when has he ever talked to a significant other?); why Wilson thinks he's any kind of expert on relationships that should be listened to is another thing entirely and really I think he needs to explore his delusional tendencies.

It's the fastest thing I've seen cancelled in a while. It'd be impressive . . . if I didn't feel a little bad for all those people losing their jobs. The whole premise looked awful and the ads just reinforced my desire to not watch . . . so utter fail all around.

Their scenes just got more adorable as the episode went on; can't stand it!

heh - I thought of twilight when I was doing my little recap. I don't understand twilight. HP makes more sense, although when I read the first book all I could think was "this is worst witch!" It was a weird feeling. House's confused face was all kinds of adorable.

it totally does! weird; i wrote something similar (you are obviously much more succinct and coherent). they have to work at it to keep those two paths going but it actually operates like a release valve for them. It is really adorable; I don't know if I'm ever going to get over them saying "girlfriend" and "boyfriend." It is just ridiculously cute. and I never thought I'd get to see them be cute and not be a little icked out by it. this season is just all kinds of awesome.


Oh, I knew about Amber Tamblyn (and am excited because her father came to speak at a class of mine once and so she's my six-degrees thing. . . if I stretch :D) I just wasn't sure if that was her in next week's episode. I didn't think it was; it hadn't been that long since I had seen her in something (but small tv). So I guess Chase is going to have some hiring fails before we get to AT. And how we go from actual MD to med student should be interesting,

Like I could really go spoiler free. I made it for, what, a week? Before the premiere and that was ridiculously hard. No way I have the kind of willpower to go spoiler free a whole season. XD (plus, I'd miss epic news like Candice Bergen!!!!)
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )