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I...don't know what to stay.  It hasn't sunk in, yet.

It does, however, make me want to finish the Family Practice snark-cap (no squee, here), aka "kick-ass women kicking ass."

Hmm. I'm not good with titles.

I've mentioned this before, but when I first heard about House?  I thought, yay! HL is getting an American TV show and I'll be able to watch him on a weekly basis! But, boo, it's a medical drama. But then I saw the ads.  RSL is doing a tv show?  And OE?   And it has LISA E?!  She can pull off Sorkinese!  I love her. And her hair.  And her shoes. Okay.  Damn, the cast looks too good to miss.

And I cheerleaded (sure, that's a word) the show to others.  From the beginning.  Damn it.

I watched the BBC's Sherlock (awesome! btw) this weekend and it reminded me of the beginning of House and what I think DS, etc. were trying to do, at least in the beginning.  But the characters made their own way and LE kicked so much ass (HL, actually, has a great quote about her and what she's able to do) and, quite frankly, the creators made their bed when they chose to make "Watson" a serial philanderer instead of a...war vet or something a little grittier. Unless, multiple spouses=battle-tested, in which case it's just another in a long line of Show having a rather fucked up view of women.  (fly away, OW, fly away!  or have all your scenes with Taub).

I loved House/Cuddy from the beginning because I loved their interactions.  I loved LE going in and she and HL?  Magic.  So much fun.  It was never about needing to see them as a couple, but, once Show started pushing it (end of Top Secret? :D), I wasn't adverse to it.  More screentime for Lisa E?  Sign me up.

Part of me was even looking forward to a break-up scene.  Imagining HL & LE in that scene?  So awesome.  What we got?  So not.  Put the actors in a room together and stay out of their way.  That's all I've wanted.  And we're not going to get that.

So, I'll enjoy the story of the OT3 in my head (and in what, hopefully, you gorgeous fic writers will put together).  I've checked out for awhile, so maybe that's what's making this (a little) easier, but it still hurts.  Because she's my favorite.  She's my Toby.  And someone else in that office, the site of so many favorite, amazing (, and understated) scenes, is going to hurt so much that I'm not going to watch.  I can't.  I'll read what happens on house_cuddy (I love that comm; it's what got me to join LJ so I could talk about Joy since rl peeps were...not as interested) and I love the show (and the comm) forever for bringing so many awesome people together--and letting me share in a small corner of it.

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 Never a good sign when Livejournal doesn't even recognize your computer anymore.

What's also not a good sign: I forgot a new House was on a few weeks ago and haven't seen anything since Bombshells (the first few I missed after Bombshells were, ahem, by choice).

And i broke down and read spoilers and

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SPEAKING OF SPOILERS, i need to talk about Castle and Hawaii 5-0

Yes, I watch Hawaii 5-o.  humuhumunukunukuapua'aCollapse )


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Bear down

Congrats on a great season, Arizona.  

Congrats on a great career, Jamelle Horne.  (You, too, D. Will?)

It's funny, because if you ask any AZ fan: which do you want more?  AZ beating Duke by thoroughly dismantling them in a completely embarrassing manner (like if Duke is a number one seed)?  Or win the National Championship?

Everyone will have to think about their answer.

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British Invasion!

The King's Speech!!!!


AARON SORKIN!!!  (not British...but I'm still excited about it)

I so would have cleaned up in any Oscars pool, damn it.  

I say thee yay, Colin Firth!!!  I say thee yay, Aaron Sorkin!!  I say thee yay, The King's Speech people (director, screenwriter, and producers)!!

Whoo hoo!  So excited for Colin Firth and for The King's Speech. Such a good movie.  

Dance, Colin, dance!  It would have been so much more entertaining than what little I was able to see of the show (Anne Hathaway, good; James Franco--nervous? bored?  high?  Am signing on to Ebert's suggestion of Kevin Spacey.  KS & AH would have been fun :D)

("Mark Darcy," CNN, really?  Really?  At least go with Fitzwilliam Darcy; Jennifer Ehle was in the movie, too :D)

...and I'm about to be two weeks behind on House. Boo rl, booo.  And boo to throwing your back out because you've spent the past three weekends helping people move.

IN SHORT, SQUEECAPS ARE COMING.  FKA picspam-recaps b/c fuck it, I'm going with squeecaps bc they're full of squee.  And snark.  But snarkcaps would raise expectations way too high for the amount of snark of which I'm actually capable. 
I'm in a little bit of an odd mood.  I was drugged! /Mulder (see?)

So, if anyone was curious, that's what's going on  /huge ego, sorry :)

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Super Bowl XLV!!

to everyone who left comments on my last picspam: thank you so much!!!  I really appreciate it and I want to make sure I have the time to do them justice.  just know I really appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings :D  and I will comment back soon

But first, some basketball.

FUCK YEAH, ARIZONA!!!  WINNING IN 3OT OVER CAL!!!  (okay, 3ot is absolutely ridiculous and AZ should have shut it down long before then, but even the commentators hadn't seen Cal play this well all season and two of their starters had career highs, so there's only so much)  

1st 3OT since 1973 vs. Utah when AZ wasn't even in the Pac-10 (8) yet).  We're now 20-4 overall, 9-2 in the league!  Woo hoo!!!   Williams fouled out during the final minutes of regulation (why that even had to happen is another thing entirely) so they did this w/o him.  Woot, Momo Jones!  Woot, Kevin Parrom!  (oof, 3 of the starters -- Williams, Perry, and Jones -- all fouled out, albeit Jones with, what, 1.6 s left in 3OT? :)) 

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In other Pac-10 bball -- WOOO HOOOOO OREGON STATE!!!!!!!  Awesome, beating UW.  Woo hoo!!  Way to go, Beavers!!!

And now football.  I tend to root for the NFC; I'm really a NFC girl at heart . . . despite the events of two weeks ago.  Ahem.  But it's at cowboy stadium.  Yuck.  Okay, how about this: is there anyway that the cowboys could somehow lose this or be embarrassed in some way?  I would not be adverse to that.

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Picspam/Recap: House 7x10 Carrot or Stick

 Finally finished the picspam-cap for Carrot or Stick.  Yay!

It starts here.